Foshan city can packaging machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional advanced

enterprise engaged in packaging machine research and development, design,

production, sales and maintenance. At present, more than 10 series of  the

packaging machine is available, such as automatic vertical packaging machine,

granule packaging machine, powder packaging machine, liquid packaging

machine, semi-automatic packaging machine, pillow type packaging machine,

widely used in food...

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Specializing in packaging machinery research, development, design and production

Companies adhere to brand development strategy, focus on customer needs, quality management, professional team services.


Excellent Brand Qualification


In order to build science and technology,

exquisite products for the purpose of winning market opportunities, service innovation, and the future of the industry. 

Various Products and Service


More than 10 series of  the packaging machine is available, widely used in food, chemical,

pharmaceutical, hardware, daily necessities and other industries.

High Quality Customer



The company wins the trust and favor of

friends from all walks of life by high

quality products and services, and

achieve win-win cooperation.

Professional Team


The company adheres to the brand development strategy, focuses on

customer needs, and has a group of high-quality technical team.

International Quality Certification


The product is free repairment for one year with no artificial damage.

Soonk Pack serves in many different industries, also offer customized non-standard packing machine,

high quality of the packing machine wins highly praise from the customer. 











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