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Do you know the main categories of food packaging bags

Do you know the main categories of food packaging bags

Here are some forms and classification of a food package bags which can help you choose suitable packing bags for your food materials.

Our daily life cannot do without food packaging bags, how much do you know about food packaging bags? Most packaging bags are composite packaging bags. How much do you know about the classification of packaging bags? So, how do we classify the food packaging that we use in our daily life?


1. According to the different raw materials of packaging bags, we can divide them into: low-pressure polyethylene plastic bags, polyvinyl chloride plastic bags, high-pressure polyethylene plastic bags, polypropylene plastic bags, etc.


2. According to the different appearance of packaging bags, we can classify them as: upright bag, sealing bag, vest bag, square bottom bag, rubber strip bag, sling bag, special-shaped bag and so on.


3. According to the form of packaging, we can divide it into: middle sealing bag, three-side sealing bag, four-side sealing bag, self-supporting bag, zipper bag, suction nozzle bag, roll film and so on.


4. According to the functions of packaging bags, we classify them into high-temperature cooking bags, high-barrier bags, vacuum packaging bags and so on.


5. We usually divide the production process into plastic packaging bags and composite packaging bags.

The following is to introduce the common food packaging bag shape.

1. Three-sided sealing bag

The three-side sealing bag has two side seams and a top side seam bag, and the bottom edge is formed by horizontal folding film. The bags can be folded or not, and stand upright on shelves when there are white edges.

One kind of deformation of tri-edge sealing bag is to fold the original edge to form the bottom edge, which is realized by bonding method. In this way, it becomes a four-edge sealing bag in essence.


2. Back sealing bag

Back sealing bag is also called pillow bag, bag with back, top, bottom seam, so that they have the shape of a pillow, many small food bags commonly used pillow bag packaging. The back seam of the pillow bag forms a fin-like structure, in which the membrane lining is placed together to seal the seam protruding from the back of the encapsulated bag. Another form of sealing is overlapping sealing, in which the inner layer of one side and the outer layer of the other side are glued together to form a flat seal. Because the "fin" shaped seal is relatively strong, and as long as the inner layer of the packaging material is heat-sealed, so it is widely used. The "overlap" seal is relatively weak, and requires the inner and outer layers of the bag to be this hot sealing material, so the use is not very much. The top seal and the bottom seal are bonded by the inner material of the bag.


3. Folding bag

Folding bag is also called folding bag, organ bag, is the deformation of the back sealing bag, is the bag on both sides into the form of M. If the M - shape is asymmetric, it is also called a trapezoidal folding bag.


4. Four-side sealing bag

The four-sided seal is usually made of the top, side and bottom seals of two materials. Compared with the bag mentioned before, it is possible to use two different plastic resin materials, if they can be bonded to each other, to make the four-sided bag with the front side bonded. The four-sided sealing bags can be made in various shapes, such as hearts or ovals.


5. Zipper bag

The three-side sealing bag and the main bag are equipped with easy opening zipper bags.

The utilization rate of food packaging bags is very high in people's life. The quality of food packaging bags can directly affect people's health. Therefore, food packaging bags must meet certain practical requirements in order to get a larger range of use. When food is in circulation, it should be in contact with containers and human hands. It is easy for food to be contaminated. By packaging food, this phenomenon can be avoided, which is beneficial to consumers' health. Adhering to the principle of "protecting the original quality of food", Soonk develops and improves the packaging machine to make perfect cooperation with packaging bags.