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Eight advantages of granule packaging machine

Eight advantages of granule packaging machine

Granule packaging machine is playing an increasingly important role in the field of packaging.

Every product needs packaging, automatic granule packaging machine is used in a wide range of food, daily chemical, chemical fertilizer, medical treatment and so on are involved in the particle packaging machine.


Granule packaging machine, is used to put the particle material according to the requirements of measurement into the packaging container and then seal. Generally, automatic granule filling and packing machine can be divided into measuring cup type, mechanical scale and electronic scale, according to the way of feeding: self-flow vibrator type and digital motor type. Form packaging production line, there will be some outer packing equipment, such as mixer, feeder, weigher, packing machine, palletizing machine, etc., of this line type integral to wide range of packaging production line, because of its small models, affordable, is indispensable in the process of packaging equipment, but the whole production line type packing equipment development is hot in recent years, because it is primarily aimed at a few large packaging manufacturers.


Therefore, although there are many kinds of auto grain packer, its purpose is nothing more than to put the material into the container and then seal, the requirements are: accurate measurement, firm and beautiful seal.


For particle packing machinery in our country now is both opportunities and challenges of the special period, the food industry gradually become larger then the requirement of particle packing machinery becomes higher, if the core technology is not break so it is very difficult to meet the needs of the food industry, continuously is in the packing rate or product reliability and aesthetic aspects are food particles packaging machinery manufacturers have to face the problem; If we can solve these problems, we can meet all the needs of the food industry.

granule packaging machine

With the development of The Times, the progress of technology, food particle packaging machine in the field of packaging is playing an increasing role, and let the food particle packaging machine more attention is the following eight advantages.


A. Packing machine for granule material can greatly improve labor productivity slide desktop blister sealing machine mechanical packaging is much faster than manual packaging, such as candy packaging, manual packaging sugar 1min can only pack ten pieces, and granulator per minute can reach hundreds or even thousands of pieces, improve the efficiency of dozens of times.


B. Granule packaging machine can reduce packaging cost, save storage and transportation costs on loose products, such as cotton, tobacco, silk, hemp, etc. At the same time, because the volume is greatly reduced, saving storage capacity, reducing storage costs, conducive to transport.


C. Granule packaging machine can reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions manual packaging labor intensity is very large, such as manual packaging of large volume, heavy weight products, both physical consumption and unsafe; But to the light small product, the particle packing machine because the frequency is higher, the movement is monotonous, easily causes the worker to have the occupational disease. Folding box machines.


D. For some products that have serious impact on health, such as dust, toxic products, irritant, radioactive products, manual packaging will inevitably harm health, while particle packaging machinery can be avoided, and can effectively protect the environment from pollution.


E. Granule packaging can effectively guarantee the packaging quality. Mechanical packaging can be according to the requirements of packaging items, according to the required shape, size, to get the same specifications of packaging, and manual packaging is not guaranteed. This is particularly important for export commodities, only mechanical packaging particle packaging machine, packaging can achieve normalization, standardization, in line with the requirements of collective packaging.


F. Granule packaging mechanism can achieve the operation that manual packaging cannot achieve. Some packaging operations, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, fitting packaging, isopressure filling, etc., cannot be realized by manual packaging, and can only be realized by particle packaging machinery.


G. Granule packaging can reliably ensure product hygiene. According to the health law, manual packaging is not allowed for some products, such as food and medicine, because it will contaminate the products, while mechanical packaging avoids direct human contact with food and medicine, ensuring the sanitary quality.


H. Granule packaging can reliably guarantee the health of some products, such as food and drug packaging, according to the health law is not allowed to use manual packaging, because it will contaminate the product, and mechanical packaging to avoid direct human contact with food and drug, to ensure the health quality.


In the process of moving forward, the pellet packaging machine in the market with more changes, and let more lucrative products into the market, thus more commodity production needs. In the process of moving forward, granular packing machine adopts stepper motor and subdivision skills, and high precision, and USES the new light control system, so as to make it stronger anti-interference ability, so as to make up for all kinds of faults, development and growth of their products, so as to follow the market brings more momentum, and ensure the quality of the sealing, and can adapt to a variety of packaging materials packaging, let the particle packing machine in the market has more advantages in the production.