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Features and maintenance of sauce packing machine

Features and maintenance of sauce packing machine

Sauce packaging machine can reduce labor force and enhance product safety.Master the maintenance method, improve the packing quality.

Packaging plays an important role in industrial production, reducing the labor force, enhancing the safety of products, and also beautifying the products, so that customers can have a better experience of the products. The existence of ketchup packing machine guarantees the texture and beauty of the product. The sauce packing machine is especially suitable for convenient food seasoning, honey, shampoo, hot pot material and hot pot base material, bean sauce, chili sauce, beef sauce and other sauces, jam packing machine.

sauce packing machine

Meanwhile, the existence of sauce packaging machine has the following functions:

1. It can extend the shelf life of products, especially for vacuum packaging. It adopts the sauce sachet packaging machine of aeration, vacuum and asepsis, which also facilitates the loading, unloading and circulation of products. Can make the circulation range of the product more extensive, extend the shelf life of the product.

2. The packing machine of sauce bag improves the packaging quality and aesthetics of the product, guarantees the hygiene and safety of the product, and enhances the wider circulation and competitiveness of the product in the market. The sauce belongs to the food supplies, has a high requirement for hygiene, ordinary people and sauce direct contact, will contaminate the sauce, using the sauce bag installed can packaging food safety will not be contaminated and lead to deterioration. Moreover, liquid materials such as sauce are prone to spill in the process of packaging, which is not safe, and the presence of the machine can effectively avoid the phenomenon of spill. At the same time, due to the fast mechanical packaging speed, the sauce stays in the air for a short time, which also reduces the chance of pollution, which is conducive to food hygiene and safety.

3. The packing machine of sauce bag has realized the specialization in the packaging production process, which has greatly improved the work efficiency and saved the expense of personnel.

4. The last point that should not be ignored is that the packing of sauce bag can reduce the utilization of the factory. If the general production process is operated by workers, it needs to occupy a large area. But the packaging machine does not, economical, do not take up space, more convenient to operate.

Maintenance of automatic sauce packing machine

1. Vacuum low: in view of the automatic sauce packing machine of this kind of situation, go against food freshness, so to clean vacuum pump, replace the vacuum pump oil, clean or replace vent filters, air leakage after vacuum, shut off the power, check the electromagnetic valve, pipe, vacuum pump valve and the studio the gasket around the presence of air leakage phenomenon.

2. High noise when vacuuming: the problem of high noise when vacuuming, which will affect the working environment. If the vacuum pump coupling is worn or broken, it should be replaced in time; Check whether the solenoid valve leakage phenomenon and eliminate, at the same time to check the exhaust filter blockage or installation position is correct.

3. Vacuum pump oil leakage: if the vacuum pump oil appears to leak, remove the oil return valve and clean it. If the oil window becomes loose, remove the oil window and wrap the raw material belt or film.

4. Heating does not stop: immediately adjust the time relay to contact or replace with the socket, and immediately repair or replace the control heating ac contactor when it is out of position.

5. Uneven or no sealing: adjust the heating time and temperature; The heating cloth should be cleaned and replaced immediately when there is an attachment. If the air bag is damaged, it should be replaced immediately to avoid affecting the normal work.

6. Bag running: replace or clean the pressure valve. When the pressurized air path is not free, straighten and dredging the pressurized air path.

This can effectively prevent the aging of ketchup sachet packing machine equipment, at the same time to a certain extent can also reduce the failure rate of equipment, improve the quality of packaging.

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