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How much do you know about ice cubes packing machine

How much do you know about ice cubes packing machine

SK-L620 Full Automatic Vertical Ice Tube Packing Machine with Two Heads Screw Weighing Device.Using smart servo technology.Suggested packaging material:PE Film.
The ice cube automatic packaging machine is characterized in that it consists of an automatic feeding and discharging device and an automatic packaging and conveying device, a feeding and discharging port respectively provided on the distributor, and an discharging and bagging device provided on the discharging port.
SOONK's recently popular Full Automatic Vertical Ice Tube Packing Machine with Two Heads Screw Weighing Device are well received. Exported to India, Egypt, Taiwan and other places.
Whole machine including:
2.Vibrating feeding device
3.Material conveyor
4.Two heads screw weighing device
5.Finished bags conveyor
The vibrating feeder is a kind of advanced feeding equipment with economic and technical indicators. Compared with other feeding equipment, it has the following characteristics:
1. Small size, light weight and simple structure.
2. Convenient installation and maintenance, low operating cost.
3. High efficiency and large feeding capacity.
4. Low noise is conducive to improving the working environment.
5. Low power consumption and high power factor.
6. The equipment works in a state far beyond resonance, so the amplitude is stable, the operation is reliable, and the adaptability to various materials is strong.
7. The feeding quantity can be conveniently stepless adjusted by adjusting the eccentric block for adding ingredients. Simple structure, uniform feeding, good continuous performance, adjustable excitation force; Change and control flow at any time, easy to operate.
Two heads weigher, also known as combination scales, use a number of different weighing heads to accurately measure the weight of each weighing head. Each weighing head has its own precision load cell.
This process begins when the product is fed into the top of the multi-head scale. There, a dispersing system, usually a vibrating or rotating top cone, spreads the product into a series of linear feed plates. This cone is usually equipped with a sensor that controls the feed of the product to the multi-head scale. A series of curtains are usually placed around the linear feeder to ensure that the amount of product dispensed by the feeder is uniform.
Main feature:
1.Import PLC computer control system, human-machine screen, easy touch screen operation.
2.With imported servo film transporting system and mark sensor, accurate positioning, perfect packing.
3.Perfect automatic alarm function, to minimize the loss.
4.Combine with metering device, it can finish the process of metering, feeding, filling, bag making, printing.
5. Bag type: can make it with pillow bag and vertical bag according to customer needs.