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How to maintain vertical automatic packaging machine

How to maintain vertical automatic packaging machine

Soonk vertical packaging machine supplier gives some tips on how to maintain vertical automatic packaging machine, which can help to reduce losses and increase the life of the machine.

The vertical packaging machine is mostly used for the packaging production of small snacks in life. With the continuous development of the food market, the types and styles of vertical packaging machines are also increasing, and the market for vertical packaging machines is becoming more and more fierce. But no matter how superior the quantity and quality of the machine, we need to maintain the machine to improve the life of the machine and ensure the safety of the packaging materials. Many customers' understanding of packaging machines is not comprehensive enough, so their understanding of the maintenance of packaging machines is only a brief degree. Soonk Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. gives the following tips for the daily maintenance of vertical packaging machines.

Actually, the comprehensive vertical packaging machine maintenance is divided into three steps, mechanical parts, electrical parts and mechanical lubrication.


First, mechanical maintenance of the vertical packaging machine:

The use of food packaging machines cannot ignore cleaning work. After the equipment is shut down, it is necessary to clean the metering part of the food in time, and the scattered materials should be cleaned up in time to facilitate the cleanness of the parts and thus prolong the service life. At the same time, because the food packaging opportunity is used to package some powdered foods, the dust content in the environment is high. Workers should always remove the dust in the electric control box to prevent the dust from entering the inside of the food packaging machine and aging the line.


Second, maintenance of the electrical part of the vertical packaging machine:

1. The operator of the vertical packaging machine should always check whether the wire ends of the joints are loose before starting the machine;

2. Tiny particles such as dust may also affect some functions of the packaging machine. When the photoelectric switch or proximity switch probe is dusty, it may cause malfunction, so it should be checked and cleaned frequently.

3. The details of the part are also the focus of mechanical cleaning, such as regularly cleaning the surface of the horizontally sealed electric slip ring with soft gauze and alcohol to remove the toner on the surface.

4. Some parts of the vertical packaging machine cannot be changed at will. Non-professionals must not open the electrical part. The parameters or procedures of the inverter, microcomputer and other control components have been set. Any change will cause the system to malfunction and the machine will not work properly.


Third, lubrication of vertical packaging machines:

1. Rolling bearings are the parts with serious wear in the machine, so each rolling bearing should be greased once with a grease gun for about two months;

2. Different types of lubricating oils are different, such as the bushing on the wrapping roller, and the bushing at the front sprocket of the feeding conveyor should be filled with 40# mechanical oil;

4. The lubrication of the chain is the most common. Relatively simple, each sprocket chain should be infused with mechanical oil with a kinematic viscosity greater than 40#.

5. The clutch is the key to the start of the packaging machine, and the clutch part should be greased at the right time.

Several key points for the maintenance of packaging machinery: cleaning, fastening, adjustment, lubrication, anti-corrosion. In the ordinary production process, each machine maintainer should do it. According to the maintenance manual and maintenance procedures of the machine packaging equipment, strictly carry out various maintenance work according to the specified period, reduce the wear speed of the parts, eliminate the hidden troubles of the fault, and prolong life of the machine.

In summary, the packaging machine should pay attention to regular lubrication, regular inspection, regular cleaning, in order to achieve better maintenance and maintenance. Because a packaging machine is not cheap, in order to achieve the maximum utilization of the machine, the packaging machine should pay attention to regular lubrication, regular inspection, regular cleaning, in order to achieve better maintenance and maintenance.

If you are confused about the daily maintenance of the packaging machine, please pack it with Soonk.