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Packaging machinery industry to go professional development path

Packaging machinery industry to go professional development path

In recent years,in the face of large are as such as food,medicine,packaging requirements,the development of packaging machinery industry in China maintained a surprising speed.But the higher requirements for packaging of all kind so.

In recent years, in the face of large areas such as food, medicine, packaging requirements, the development of packaging machinery industry in China maintained a surprising speed. But the higher requirements for packaging of all kinds of products and the fierce competition in the packaging machinery industry at home and abroad to our packaging machinery industry, puts forward a new challenge. Small, flexible, versatile, high efficiency will be the future development direction of packaging machinery products.

Analysts pointed out that: for a long time, China's packaging machinery product variety, low technical level, less reliability is poor, there is no advantage in the international market, processing and packaging equipment imports more than 80%. At present, our country facing the development of deep processing of agricultural products, building economical society, developing circular economy, such as tasks, packaging machinery products market is very broad, if packaging machinery enterprises to speed up the technology innovation, to meet the market demand, will get a handsome profit.

As the supporting industry of national economy in many areas, packaging machinery industry to benefit from the prosperity of other industries, its technology and supporting services to reaction in other industries. At present, China's packaging machinery industry remain around 16% a year growth, the development direction of the future are:

First, the higher adaptability to change the product. Due to mechanical product life cycle is far shorter than packing equipment service life and expensive packaging production line must be allowed within the scope of a certain size packaging size can change, to adapt to the frequent changes of the products.

Second, in order to market demand as the guide to arrange production. With the development of modern society, people is higher and higher demand for product packaging, also more and more personalized, packaging machinery enterprise must grasp market trends, produce the packing of the customer satisfaction products.

Third, technology is the key element for the success of enterprises. At present, the development of the world's advanced packaging machinery has present a set of machine, electricity, gas, liquid, optical, magnetic, as one of the momentum, the production of high efficiency, energy conservation and recycling of products, the practical application of new and high technology, intelligent has become a trend, it also should be the mainstream of packaging machinery in our country development direction.

"2013-2017 China special packaging equipment, packaging machinery market research report shows that benefit from the development of other industries, the development of packaging machinery industry in China has huge potential, it is imperative to change the status of the low technical content as soon as possible, learn foreign advanced technology, development and production of high efficiency low consumption, production and sales of packaging equipment, accelerate the upgrading of packaging machinery, to further expand domestic and international markets.


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