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The 26th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition - Soonk Packaging

The 26th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition - Soonk Packaging

Soonk packaging machine participated in the 26th international packaging industry exhibition and showed the automatic packing machines to get the support from international customers.

From March 4th to 6th, 2019, [China Packaging 2019 26th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition] and [PACKINNO 2019 China (Guangzhou) International Packaging Products Exhibition] were grandly held at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. This exhibition brought together more than 1,300 major exhibitors from 22 countries and regions, introducing a variety of cutting-edge technologies and automated packaging solutions to meet a variety of production requirements, providing a one-stop trade and information platform for manufacturers in different industries.

The highlights of the exhibition were: the new productivity enhancement technology of the European packaging giants, the new technologies in various theme areas, and The First Ever 【Catering + Takeaway Packaging Zone】.

Foshan Soonk packaging Machine Co.,Ltd as a professional engaged in packaging machinery research and development, design, production, sales, service in the integration of automatic packaging machine manufacturers continue to present many latest packaging machinery products, innovative technologies and solutions to the customers, the participation of the main products are: medium and large type vertical form packaging machine series, small type vertical packaging machine series, combined weighing full automatic packaging system. Their features: high speed, high precision, economical and applicable. The whole machine realizes feeding, weighing, feeding, sealing, cutting, printing and finished product transportation. At the exhibition, we are professional to explain the design and function of packaging machine for customers, on-site operation, intuitive display of our products stable operation, compact structure, easy maintenance and other advantages. In addition, we also provide solutions according to the requirements of customers. According to the requirements of materials and production sites, different metering devices are matched with packaging machines. The matching becomes an automatic packaging system to meet the needs of customers, so as to obtain unanimous praise and support from customers.

After more than 20 years of development, China's packaging machinery has become one of the key industries in the machinery industry. With the continuous enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength, China's packaging machinery industry has also made considerable progress, packaging machinery technology is improving very fast. At present, China's packaging machinery industry has entered a stage of rapid development. Due to the large market demand, packaging diversification, packaging technology level is increasing, loose packaging machinery to meet the market demand to improve the more professional packaging machinery manufacturing architecture system, leading to our rapid development and growth.