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What are the common problems solved by combination weigher

What are the common problems solved by combination weigher

Understand some common questions about the combination weigher, you can better choose their own packaging machine with the scale.

The combined weighing machine makes the whole packaging process more efficient. But under what circumstances are they most effective? Their main applications today include:


Filling bag: this scale can fill many different bags. From a small bag of crisps to a large number of catering activities, the scale handles a wide variety of foods with ease.

Mixed weighing: another convenient feature is the ability to quickly mix multiple ingredients into a single package. These scales solve this problem well because you can measure each component accurately.

Placing items: the machine can also place items in the correct position, speeding up the speed of placing.

In addition to their many USES, these combination weighers can handle a wide variety of goods. Whether it's food or not, combining scales helps. From free-flowing items such as crisps and granola to powdering objects, the machines speed up packaging.

soonk packaging combination weigher

1. What is the calibration occasion?

Empty the material, set the machine weighing sensor to zero, and put 1kg weight into each hopper. If the hopper shows the weight between 999 and 1001g, no calibration is required. If there are several hoppers with weight deviation of more than 5g, please calibrate the deviation over the head or all scales. Do not find the weight is not allowed to do the calibration, easy to do useless work;


2. Why is AFC zero?

AFC=1 or 2 is the vibration plate amplitude automatic adjustment, basically can be turned off; When the material flow is poor, it is better for the AFC to be 0, which can avoid the automatic adjustment caused by uneven material. Material with good fluidity, parameters with good debugging can be easily used without moving; The customer asked if there is an automatic adjustment function, which we have. When the customer buys the scale, we suggest the customer to correct all mistakes AFC=0.


3. Why does the amplitude need to be the same? (suitable for most cases)

Has certain amplitude difference under different vibration machine, under the condition of same amplitude is better, so that every head of materials will have differences, different hopper in the material weight in a certain range has certain discreteness, conducive to the combination, if by adjusting the amplitude, dispatch the material weight of each bucket was about the same, the combination of difficulty will increase, because, for combination weigher scales hopper weight basic no difference, had no choice. In order to facilitate customer communication, direct suggestion is adjusted into the same; If the difference between vibrators is really large, it needs to adjust the dispersion of hopper weight to a certain range by adjusting the amplitude;


4. Why can't the top side be too small?

The upper bias is small, such as 0.1g, and the lower bias is zero. It seems that the accuracy is good, but the actual performance is definitely not good, just like the distance between the ideal and the reality. The higher the requirement, the less ideal the result may be. Because the upper side is very small, so the most suitable several weights of the hopper is always selected, resulting in the selected several hoppers of the probability of smaller, in addition, the weight of the remaining bucket is not very appropriate, often prone to large weight overweight. The result is a low pass rate, a large weight difference, and a slow speed. We need to analyze the reason with the customer. To tell the customer, the upper bias is not the smaller the more accurate; The smaller it is, the more accurate it is, but many others are inaccurate. The reason is that several betters with appropriate weight are combined into high-precision ones, while all others are not with appropriate weight. The combination result is very poor. We want most of them to be accurate, like 90% accuracy within 1.5g, and that's fine.


5. Why can't the combination number be too small?

The combination of the bucket number is too small, which means fewer choices, such as 2 bucket, choose from 10 head, that only 45 kinds of pick, if 3, that there are 240 kinds of pick, that the pass rate, and the bucket number is too many, each bucket weight is small, the discrete range of weight is small relative to the weight itself; Easy to combine;


6. Why can't there be too many combinations?

Each bucket will have its own weight deviation, the larger the bucket number, the larger the total error, so we need to combine the bucket number and the target weight range corresponding;


7. How does amplitude affect composite bucket?

The larger the amplitude, the more material weight in each bucket, the combination of bucket number decreased. The combination bucket number set in the parameters is used for automatic adjustment of amplitude. If the amplitude is not automatically adjusted, the combination bucket number set in the material parameters can be directly used. Need to pay attention to the operation interface of the combination of bucket number, that is the actual combination of bucket number, is the qualified rate of rain gauge.