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What is the development of the Soonk Packaging

What is the development of the Soonk Packaging

Soonk packaging machine got the great development in packing machine industry during 10 years period.

Soonk packaging machinery co., LTD., founded in 2008, is a professional mechanical enterprise engaged in the research and development, design, production, sales and maintenance of packaging machinery, located in danzao town, nanhai district, foshan city.


Mr. Wu, the founder, has been engaged in the packaging machine industry since 2003. Through his own continuous learning and exploration, he has accumulated industrial experience and is familiar with packaging machinery. In 2008, he founded Soonk packaging machine co., ltd. to recruit qualified talents. All the way forward, continuous research and development technology, in food, chemical, medicine, hardware, daily necessities and other industries to provide packaging machines to achieve automatic measurement, feeding, filling, bag making, date printing, transportation and other work, is undoubtedly the best choice of equipment to improve work efficiency. After 10 years of development, Soonk focuses on customer needs, strict quality management, continuous innovation of r&d personnel, and continuous optimization of service of after-sales team. Soonk packaging machines are not only popular in China, but also exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

After years of development, packaging machines in China have become more mature and can meet the needs of all kinds of packaging. At present, the biggest advantage is high cost performance ratio. Products of the same quality are much cheaper than foreign ones. In addition, China's manufacturing base in the world is relatively complete, and different enterprises and production links can cooperate, which is an advantage that other countries do not have. In recent years, although the annual growth rate of China's packaging industry ranks the first in the traditional industry, but in order to integrate with the international market, it is necessary to speed up the development of packaging technology and make it develop to the direction of economy, efficiency and multi-function. Soonk continues to try, explore and improve the packaging machine technology level and increase the research and development fund, which makes a big improvement on the whole.


China's packaging machine industry has a short development time, in the long term, there is a huge development prospects. Domestic packaging machine technology level, and foreign packaging machine technology level is still a big gap. In the low level of technology, manufacturing simple packaging machine, China has no gap with foreign countries, and even some of the domestic packing machinery and equipment exported to some countries. But in the high-end products, still can not compare with Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries packaging machine. A country's packaging mechanism manufacturing level is closely related to the industrial level, so our country must speed up the development of packaging machine. It relates to the overall industrial development of the country.

Aiming at the development trend, Soonk develops machines with low energy consumption, large output power, good dynamic stability, low noise and low pollution. We pay more attention to the customer needs, customized solutions, at the same time, for more different needs for packaging, to meet the requirements of the enterprise, so that our packaging machine can better meet the requirements of the market, so that we have their own position in the foreign trade market.


Combined with more than ten years of development, the development of Soonk packaging machine suppliers has achieved outstanding results. Whether it is domestic packaging machine or the international use of packaging machine, our team are in the heart of service, and strive to get the industry customers praise.