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What is the principle of vacuum tea packing machine

What is the principle of vacuum tea packing machine

The vacuum tea packing machine can shorten labor time and reach the production target of standardized hardcover tea.

Tea vacuum packaging machine is a new type of packaging machine which integrates automatic bag-making and bag-filling. It adopts microcomputer control technology, automatic temperature control, automatic packaging size setting, intelligent and stable film transportation. In general, it is used in combination with the sorting machine to solve the problem of tea bag packaging after tea ration, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and present the charm of scientific and technological innovation.

Working principle:

Machine is working, by hand would have directional put inside cavity, the packing bag of the filling material and contents in the heat sealing machine, close the vacuum chamber cover 7 and compaction, by vacuum chamber cover sealing ring seal in the vacuum chamber, control system work at the same time, according to working procedure automatically compressed by pumping air into vacuum state, mouth sealed, heater heating, cooling, remove vacuum in vacuum chamber, took up the vacuum chamber cover and a series of actions.

1. Vacuum: the vacuum chamber is closed and the vacuum pump works. The vacuum chamber starts to vacuum. At the same time of vacuum work, the two - way solenoid valve IDT work, heat seal air chamber vacuum, heat pressure frame to maintain the original position.

2. Heat sealing: IDT is broken, and the outer atmosphere enters the heat sealing air chamber through its upper air inlet. The pressure difference between the vacuum chamber and the heat sealing air chamber is used to inflate and expand the heat sealing air chamber, so that the upper heat pressing frame can be moved down and the bag mouth can be pressed. At the same time, the heat sealing transformer works and starts to seal. At the same time, the time relay 2SJ works, moves after a few seconds, and the heat sealing ends.

3. Air return: 2-position 2-way solenoid valve 2DT, the atmosphere enters the vacuum chamber, the pointer of the vacuum gauge returns to zero, the hot press frame is reset by the reset spring, and the vacuum chamber is open.

4. Circulation: move the above vacuum chamber to another vacuum chamber, that is, enter the next working process. The left and right Chambers work alternately, and the cycle repeats.

Combination weighing packing machine

Operation method:

1. Move the power switch according to the need, switch on the power, and the power indicator light is on.

2. Place the plastic bag containing the items in the vacuum chamber, place the bag mouth neatly on the heat seal and cover the air nozzle.

3. Press down the cover and the indicator light on the panel is on. When the vacuum pump starts to pump air, the cover will be automatically sucked. The vacuum knob can adjust the vacuum degree according to the packaging requirements.

4. When the extraction reaches the set time, that is, the required vacuum degree, that is the end of the extraction.

5. When the pumping is finished, the indicator light will go out and the heat seal indicator light will be on, which means the inflatable action will be entered.

6. After inflating to the set time, it starts to enter the sealing procedure. Heat sealing time is set on the panel to adapt to different thickness and thickness materials. When adjusting time, the amplitude of rotation should be small to prevent the heat sealing temperature from suddenly increasing and burning out the heat sealing accessories.

7. When the heat sealing time is reached, the heat sealing indicator light will go off to indicate the end of the heat sealing. The vacuum chamber will be automatically connected to the atmosphere through the solenoid valve until the cover is lifted automatically. The vacuum packaging process will be completed and the next packaging cycle will be ready.


Vacuum packaging machine variety, should focus on the following factors:

a) packaging speed. In order to improve the production efficiency, we can choose the vacuum packing machine with two or more rooms to improve the whole production schedule.

b) whether the packaged goods need to be filled with other protective gases. Multi-function vacuum packing machine with inflating device can be selected.

c) requirements for vacuum of the goods to be packed. If packaging items need to be in a higher vacuum degree in order to be well preserved, then need to choose the cavity vacuum packaging machine.

d) requirements of the composition state of the packaged articles on vacuum packaging machine.

Tea vacuum packaging machine reduces labor time and retains customers; At the same time, avoid manual contact, tea products not only not easy to be broken, but also achieve more clean health; In addition, each small bag of tea has a computer board weighing control, really let the tea hardcover to achieve standardized production goals.

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