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SK-L160FT Powder Automatic Packaging Machine

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1. The compact structure , firm , reasonable design , concise.

2. Spiral measurement , stepping motor drive design is reasonable and reliable , stable performance.

3. Fast speed , high precision , low noise and low failure rate.

4. It can finished automatically from metering ,filling , date printing to product output and counting.



Automatic powder packaging machine is suitable for small bags of powder that is not easy to flow (such as: milk powder, soybean milk powder, starch, pharmaceutical powder, pesticide powder, coffee powder, seasoning powder, etc.). The finished product of this machine is a flat bag with three or four edges sealing, but the heat sealing machine of the packing powder is different (note: the three edges sealing shape is a regular product, and the four edges sealing shape needs special customized heat sealing body).



Model SK-LJD 160A SK-L160FT
Film width Max.360mm Max.320mm
Bag length 50-250mm 50-200mm
Bag width 50-170mm 30-150mm
Metering range 50-600ml 30-300ml
Packing speed 30-80bags/min 20-65bags/min
Film roll diameter Max.300mm Max.300mm
Packing film thickness 0.04-0.08mm 0.04-0.08mm
Powder suppy 220V,60Hz,2.2kw 220V,50Hz,2.4kw


Powder packing machine normally adopts vertical structure, covers a small area, compact appearance, reducing materials using screw, easy to clean before and after use. The transmission mechanism has the function of automatic braking, which makes the package size extra accurate. The split-type packing computing device is managed with the aid of frequency conversion motor, pulse counting and weighing sensor. The filling part is controlled by way of photoelectric sensor controller or foot switch. Now people have a large demand for the aesthetic degree of packaging, powder packaging machine to ensure the splendor of the products at the same time can be packaged merchandise well sealed, to keep away from deterioration and loss of materials. It's computerized to a positive extent, and it is very convenient to operate with a touch screen. 


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