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SK-L420FT Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine for powder

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Vertical form-fill-seal machine for producing the middle sealed handing all type of free flowing & non flowing product. Very convenient adjustment machine. All section in contact with product are manufacturing in stainless steel . Accurate sealing die temperature manage and absolutely controllable die pressure.

When the VFFS MACHINE is operating, the film is commonly pulled off the roll by means of film transport belts, which are placed to the aspect of the forming tube which is located at the the front of the machine. This method of transport is the most extensively used. On some models, the sealing jaws themselves grip the film and draw it downward, transporting it via the desktop barring the use of belts.

The vertical form fill seal machine works to form, fill and seal the bag from roll stock. These machines are handy in a range of sizes, together with twin and single web.

In recent years, the vertical form fill seal desktop has been developed to be drastically extra compact. It is precise for working with products that may additionally be challenging to handle manually, such as liquids, grains, chips and certain kinds of food. Automatic powder packing machine is using this host.


1. Auger filler is driven by servomotor to reach the goal of mixing , metering and filling material. Have advantage of sensitive operation , quick measuring , high precision and stable performance.

2. Suitable for metering flow property powder.

3. Stainless open type material box ,which is convenient to clean and meet the requirements of enterprise safety and health management.


Suitable for packing milk powder, coffee powder,flour , starch , wash ing powder and so on.

Complete set of this machine

1. SK-L420 basic packer

2. Auger filler

3. Screw conveyor

4. Finished product conveyor

Sealing forms

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